Curriculum vitae

Balázs Ruzsa

Personal information

Name: Balázs Ruzsa
Date of birth: 1975-08-24
Nationality: Hungarian
Marital status: married, father of two


1989-1993 Veres Péter High School
1994-1999 University of Veszprém
Faculty of Teacher Training
Teacher of Informatics

Languages spoken

English: Intermediate "C"

Technical skills

Operating systems
Programming languages
Declarative languages
Libraries and frameworks
Cloud providers

Work experience

Deep Learning Infrastructure Engineer
November 2019 - present

As a member of the AI Infrastructure team I played a major part in building a state-of-the-art example of "Infrastructure as Code" in Ansible.

With Ansible we managed to automate the deployment and configuration of the following infrastructure components (listing only those where I had a significant contribution):

Individual accomplishments:

Frontend developer
February 2019 - November 2019

Frontend build system:

Frontend application:

Features I implemented:

DevOps Engineer
November 2015 - January 2019

Served in a DevOps position for one of the company's products (release management, build pipelines, infrastructure provisioning and automation).

Built a monitoring solution on top of Grafana and InfluxDB plus a handful of shell scripts which allowed us to see what happens on the 10+ servers in the data center with one minute latency.

Wrote a command line management tool for the product backend which takes care of starting, stopping, deployment and new server provisioning.

Created a build pipeline for a Vagrant image which lets developers spin up a fairly complete backend environment on their workstation (Packer, Jenkins).

Took a major part in the design and implementation of our cloud infrastructure in AWS. Participated in planning and testing of the migration process from on-prem datacenters to AWS cloud.

Build Engineer
June 2011 - October 2015

My first task was to replicate the entire infrastructure used by our internal products in Disney's data center to a small set of local machines, to provide the local engineering team with an environment which is as close to "live" as possible.

I supported the engineering team with a shell-based build tool for their Pluto 5 project and a script which when started in a freshly installed Debian virtual machine configured that VM to be a complete stand-alone replica of the DC environment, with all our projects and their dependencies pre-installed (ideal for local testing on dev machines).

Later, I was working on continuous integration of iOS and Android mobile applications. I created a Jenkins-based workflow for building iOS/Android apps starting from a Git checkout and ending in the building of an APK/IPA package. I also dabbled in the problems of over-the-air distribution (later we decided to handle this with HockeyApp). I wrote a resigner tool which can be used to resign an existing IPA file to a different code sign identity and provisioning profile.

Developer, System Administrator
May 2006 - June 2011

Supported the system administrator team by developing scripts (Bash and Perl) to automate various tasks associated with our daily operation.

Administered all sites in the company's online media portfolio (,,,, Also I solved some scalability issues, e.g. I extended the Apache frontend module (C) to refine the sharding algorithm by which it would assign requests to backend servers.

I participated in the development of MIR, the company's in-house technical information system (Perl).

I created a complete eDM (electronic direct marketing) campaign tool to send mass newsletters to our customers, together with statistics collection. (Perl)

I administered an SMS gateway, a system which accepts SMS messages via a HTTP-based XML protocol from clients and then transfers them to the message gateways of the three major Hungarian mobile operators (T-Mobile, Pannon and Vodafone at the time). (PHP)

Later, I developed a new SMS gateway by extending the kannel open source SMS gateway (C) with patches so that the way it talks on the wire fulfills the technical requirements of T-Mobile and thus they accept us as a valid peer.

I designed and developed the company's infrastructure monitoring system: we had a lot of thermometers and some Emerson HIROSS cooling devices in the data center, I had to figure out the serial data acquisition protocol, then write data collectors (in Perl) which would get these data points and shove them into a database.

I participated in the development of the routing system of our TeleS IP switch (at that time, Interware tried to establish itself as a phone provider). I also wrote a tool which analyzed call records of the switch and loaded them into MySQL to support various diagnostics. (Perl)

Postmaster, System Administrator, Developer
September 2000 - April 2006

Installed and administered all kinds of Linux servers for the company: firewall, web and FTP proxy, spam filter, DNS server, Samba file server.

Administered their existing MS Exchange 2000 infrastructure.

For several years, I participated in the development of their Intranet system (PHP).

Developer, System Administrator
January 2000 - June 2000

Administered the company's Linux server (apache, qmail, bind, proftpd, courier imap/pop3).

Created several simple web applications and a more substantial one: a webshop for the Gardematic Company which dealt in the trade of sprinkler systems, fountains and gardening supplies (Perl).

Teacher of Informatics
September 1997 - January 1999

Taught basic informatics skills (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations) to students in 4-8th grade. Besides teaching, I was the chief (and only) operator of the school network. Created a Linux file and print server to serve as a central data hub of the school.